March 13, 2013

              Basler IP Cameras: Exact Timing with External Trigger Functionality

              All Basler IP Cameras incorporate a special feature called “external trigger”, which is especially convenient for traffic (ITS) applications. Each time an external trigger signal is applied to the camera, it immediately captures a single image. That way, the exact timing of the triggered image can be set and the image can be stored. This is very useful if you want to synchronize image capture to a certain event, such as the red signal of a traffic light. To achieve this capability, Basler developers drew on their extensive experience in the industrial camera sector and in the use of industrial cameras in ITS applications.

              The external trigger functionality is similar to the already-existing real-time trigger functionality in Basler IP Cameras. Using the real-time trigger, the camera is constantly streaming images when the trigger aborts the stream, captures an image and starts a new stream. With external trigger functionality, the camera is not constantly streaming images, so that when the trigger is applied, the camera immediately captures an image and does not start a new stream. The advantage of the external trigger is that it takes only microseconds for the camera to start image capture, whereas the real-time trigger needs approx. 7 ms.

              One possible application of the external trigger functionality is speed control systems that contain a ground loop sensor or a light barrier to detect speed violations and to trigger image capture of the speeding car. The external trigger functionality can also be used to synchronize image capture with peripherals such as an external flash or a second camera.

              Would you like to know more about external trigger functionality or our IP camera product range? Our sales team will be glad to assist you.

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