August 11, 2011

              Basler IP Cameras Ensure Safety at Health Care Institution

              The Noble Hospital is a facility with around 600 employees. For health care institutions in general, and especially for one of this size, video surveillance is a valuable security tool, allowing patients, doctors, and staff to focus on treatment first. Security cameras protect the patients and can be crucial to preventing identify theft, particularly in high traffic hallways. The cameras are also important when it comes to protecting medical devices, for example, an expensive X-ray machine. And security cameras in store rooms can help to keep pharmaceuticals safe.
              In healthcare surveillance protecting patient and doctor privacy at all times is very important. So typically, security cameras are only placed in public areas where they will not compromise privacy or trust.
              Bruce E. Bussiere, manager of security operations at Noble Hospital, decided to improve the safety measures in the hospital and introduced new Basler IP cameras to enhance an existing system. For the hospital hallways, he selected several Basler BIP-D1000c-dn cameras. Here, where patients, staff, and visitors meet every day, cameras are especially helpful. Bussiere had previously used analog surveillance cameras and now specifically selected digital cameras because they offer better image quality and review capabilities. In addition, digital cameras have better video performance and are much easier to install, configure, and customize than analog cameras. According to the security manager, "Basler IP cameras have enhanced our system by allowing us a greater range of surveillance."
              High Image Quality
              To ensure the safety of the staff and the hospital patients and to protect the medical devices, high quality images are essential for providing clear evidence. The use of outstanding Sony CCD sensors in the Basler IP cameras guarantees exceptional image quality, even under difficult lighting conditions. High image quality is crucial for facial identification and the visibility of details.
              Easy Integration
              The cameras can be integrated quickly and easily with many common video management systems and proper configuration can be achieved within a few minutes. In the case described above, the image can be compressed by the camera using the H.264 encoding format and stored in the video management system for up to 30 days. This saves money and ensures the availability of evidence, even after a long period of time.
              With the new security solution installed, the hospital offers high quality health care in a secure environment for patients, visitors, and employees.

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