June 14, 2013

              Basler GigE Cable Designed to Work With Drag Chain

              Basler GigE cables
              Basler offers cables with screw-down plugs on the camera side for all of its cameras with Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. The screws are arranged horizontally or vertically, depending on the camera type. All cables of this kind are high flex cables that are suitable for drag chain applications. Because the terms "high flex" and "drag chain compatible" are not specified in any official standard, we offer our customers information about the test conditions to which the cables are subjected.

              The cables we offer are sold as "drag chain compatible" because they withstood more than 1 million cycles under the following test conditions: The cable is affixed at one end and guided along three deflection rollers of 120 mm in diameter. A 0.5 kg weight is affixed to the other end of the cable, producing approx. 5 N of tractive force on the cable. The upper two deflection rollers are moved laterally back and forth 12x per minute along a 970 mm path. This simulates a varying bending of cable under load.
              Schematic Test Setup

              Schematic Test Setup

              Our customers can use this information to decide whether the cables are suited for their drag chain applications. We offer the cable in 5, 10 and 20 m lengths.

              You can find more information about our accessories program here.

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