October 17, 2013

              Basler celebrates its Silver Jubilee by means of a Future Workshop

              Basler Future Workshop

              Dr. Dietmar Ley, Erik Händeler und Norbert Basler - from left to right

              Family members, friends, close associates, fellow entrepreneurs, political figures, and representatives of schools and universities accepted the invitation to our “Future Workshop 2013”.

              Dr. Dietmar Ley, Chairman of the Management Board of Basler AG, officially inaugurated the “Future Workshop 2013” toward noon on August 23. His view of the company’s economic future was exceedingly positive and optimistic. In his address, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Norbert Basler, took a brief look at the past and draws upon examples to explain how employees’ loyalty, commitment, and motivation were crucial to the survival of the company. He regarded corporate culture and constructive cooperation within Basler as being equally important factors for success. The factors that will enhance the competitiveness of companies and even of corporations in the future were explained by Erik Händeler in his keynote address. Using humor and illustrative examples, he postulated that, within the context of the knowledge society, the manner in which information is assimilated and processed, the manner in which knowledge can be shared with others and benefits derived from this will be crucial to a company’s success. For this reason, he considered a work culture which is based upon individual responsibility, cooperation, and mutual assistance as being indispensable.

              Inspired by Mr. Händeler’s hour-long address, the guests attended six different workshops wherein they dealt with issues concerning cooperative ethics, collaboration based upon a spirit of partnership, knowledge processing, service through leadership, a culture of debate, and hierarchies. Basler employees moderated the workshops. The findings of the workshop were ultimately presented in the course of a concluding forum. There was one point on which most were agreed: only a modern form of cooperation can secure a company’s chances of success in the future. Long-term, responsible relationships based upon trust are deemed to be a prerequisite for this, as is pronounced self-motivation among employees, which ought to be reinforced by means of good role models and the freedom to act. The topic of effective knowledge transfer plays just as much of a role here as do the social skills of the managerial cadre who must successfully provide a common direction within the flattest possible hierarchies. The fact that an equitable, pertinent culture of debate would be necessary in the face of such structural changes is already obvious.

              In his brief concluding remarks, the futurologist Erik Händeler praised our commitment. He is invited to deliver around 80 to 100 speeches every year – predominantly to provide entertainment and information. Never before, in his experience, had a company rolled up its sleeves after his address and intensively tackled the subject within a workshop setting.

              Sabine Knüppel, Head of the Department of Human Resources at Basler AG, enthusiastically asserted, “It wasn’t intended to turn into a Jubilee celebration in the traditional sense – with the usual champagne reception, canapés, and long-winded speeches delivered by officials. We aimed to bring about the guests’ active participation so that they would remember this day for a long time and so that the ideas and thoughts developed would continue to exert an effect. Our guests confirm that we have been successful in this. The Future Workshop has proved to be a complete success. This is evident from the numerous discussions and newly established contacts. In addition to this, we have also presented ourselves within the region as a modern, innovative company with a strong sense of solidarity.”

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