September 8, 2015

              Basler beat – Makes „the Invisible“ Visible

              The Basler beat is new in our portfolio and especially appropriate for use in the area of cell research, e.g. in fully automated systems for cell and tissue analysis in order to make the supposed "invisible" visible and to capture every tiny detail inside of a cell. In biomedical and pharmaceutical research (such as embryology, developmental biology, neurobiology, cancer research, compound screening) as well as in routine diagnostics (e.g. histopathology), many samples must be investigated and evaluated in a short time. Our Basler beat is used here for digital sample scanning which enables a full automatization of the work flow and thus increases quality and efficiency.

              What are the advantages of the Basler beat?

              The Basler beat camera with the exceptionally sensitive CMOS sensor CMV 12000 and its Camera Link Interface is convincing with extraordinary image quality at a high resolution of 12 MP and a frame rate of more than 62 fps. It allows for fast, high-resolution, and true-color imaging with short illumination times for maximum sample protection - a necessity for microscopic images when cell defects must be precisely identified in a minimum of time. In combination with an optimized design at an outstanding price/performance ratio, it thus allows for very flexible use and simple integration in your automation solution.

              Digital camera technology in Medical & Life Sciences

              Modern image processing is an essential part of medicine, medical technology, and life science. Digital image acquisition and processing offers a wide spectrum of possibilities, e.g. for investigating, analyzing, and diagnosing illnesses. Digital camera technology also supports the most diverse forms of treatment and enables reliable monitoring. For use in solutions for scientific or medical diagnostic laboratory applications the highest performance of cameras is demanded. High speed and resolution, reliability, precision, and the best image quality enable reproducible analysis and high sample throughput.

              For a personal consultation please contact our sales team or your regional Basler distribution partner.

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