September 23, 2015

              Basler beat for Traffic Applications

              The Basler beat, our new area scan camera, delivers the high resolution levels needed to shine in the semi-conductor and electronics manufacturing as well as medical engineering and laboratory automation fields. It is also suitable for use in a broad range of traffic applications, from Enforcement to Rail & Road. For  Enforcement tasks, the Basler beat's high resolution facilitates monitoring of speeding and red light violations, even across multiple lanes. When it comes to Rail & Road, the cameras are used for all kinds of inspection, including the inspection of streets, rails and vehicle undercarriages.

              Basler beat scores high for:

              • High-resolution 12 MP CMOS sensor
              • Compact and robust housing for simple integration
              • High-bandwidth connection for maximum scanning speed with Camera Link
              Want to learn more? Simply contact our Sales team directly or your regional Basler distribution partner for more information.

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