June 20, 2011

              Basler and ISS Announce Successful Integration

              Basler and Intelligent Security Systems (ISS), a leader in video management and image analytic software, have teamed to integrate Basler IP Cameras with the ISS SecurOS video management software.
              SecurOS software supports all Basler IP box and dome cameras, both CCD and CMOS sensor models, and offers such advanced features as camera and device annunciation over multi-layer maps, advanced powerful search, reporting and management capabilities, integration with other devices, powerful event management, and sophisticated video analytics capabilities, e.g., for license plate recognition.
              SecurOS also lets you choose from the two different H.264 compression profiles that are available on Basler IP Cameras. One of these is the High Profile (up to level 5) – the same standard used in Blu-ray technology. Compared to the Baseline Profile, High Profile compression reduces bandwidth consumption dramatically while still delivering better image quality.
              "Basler has long been known for its forward thinking in relation to IP cameras," said Aluisio Figueiredo, Chief Operating Officer of ISS. "Both of our companies share a similar vision as to the importance of image quality, intelligent features, and true open platforms. We are very pleased to have our SecurOS solutions integrated with their cameras as customers worldwide will benefit from the combined strengths of the companies’ products."
              "The world of IP video surveillance is not a one-size-fits-all proposition," said Marko Vogt, Sales Manager Americas, Security, Basler Vision Technologies. "There are particular challenges to seamless software integration that must be overcome to prevent downtime and potential security problems. We found ISS more than capable of meeting these challenges and look forward to working with them long term."
              About Intelligent Security Systems
              Logo ISS
              Intelligent Security Systems (ISS)  is a leading developer of security surveillance and control systems for networked digital video and audio recording, video image pattern processing, and digital data transmission. ISS systems can be integrated with access control systems and fire and life safety systems, and they can be made compatible with virtually any third party security equipment.
              The company’s roots are in space technology, dating back over fifty years, and this considerable pool of scientific and engineering talent has brought their significant research and development capabilities to bear in the field of integrated security systems.
              Today, over 25,000 systems using ISS technology are employed in 51 countries. Their products are implemented in banks, office complexes, industrial and manufacturing sites, retail locations and supermarkets, petrochemical processing facilities, marinas, sports arenas, casinos, hospitals, schools, etc. ISS has patented object-oriented, event-driven core firmware, Delta Wavelet video compression, intelligent video motion detection, and digital video recognition capabilities.
              For more information, please visit www.isscctv.com.

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