April 21, 2015

              Basler ace with CMOSIS Sensor: Quick, Sensitive and Extremely Reliable

              The high-performance ace models with 2 MP and 4 MP CMOSIS sensors deliver excellent image quality with low levels of noise, strong dynamic performance and very strong sensitivity. The popular CMV2000 and CMV4000 CMOS sensors from CMOSIS feature a pixel size of 5.5 µm and global shutter technology, to capture images in high precision even in difficult lighting conditions. This makes the ace CMOSIS models the perfect choice for a variety of applications, such as in factory automation, semi-conductor and electronics manufacturing, traffic monitoring applications, the solar industry and in medicine.

              The camera models are available with USB 3.0, GigE and Camera Link interfaces, offering a high degree of flexibility. The USB 3.0 models deliver 165 frames per second at 2 MP and 90 fps at 4 MP resolution — even as the USB3 Vision standard ensures that the CPU load remains low. The ace GigE models come with either 2 MP resolution (50 fps) and 4 MP (25 fps), each in monochrome and color versions. The Camera Link models produce 340 fps at 2 MP and 180 fps at 4 MP resolution.

              The new models are available in monochrome and color as well as in near-infrared variants.

              The cameras all deliver excellent image quality with a notably positive price/preformance ratio.

              An overview of our ace models with CMOS sensors from CMOSIS

              Talk with our Sales Team or your regional Basler distribution partner for more information.

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