April 5, 2013

              Basler ace USB 3.0 – 100% USB3 Vision

              ace USB 3.0 camera
              Since the beginning of March, customers have been testing our new ace USB 3.0 cameras with 1.3 and 5 MP. We have already received very good feedback on the ace USB 3.0 from our software partners. One even wrote: “You are the first one to have the full USB3 Vision compliance in your camera. Fantastic!” The cameras support full USB3 Vision compliance from the start. Consequently, there is no need for users to update the firmware or change the API programming to have 100% USB3 Vision.

              The Basler ace USB 3.0 family combines high quality CCD and CMOS sensors with the USB3 Vision interface. This feature is unique worldwide, for this small size of camera.

              Are you interested in further information about this topic? Then read more about it in our new white papers:

              The white paper ‘USB 3.0 Interface and USB3 Vision Standard – Data, Facts, Setup and Migrating to USB 3.0’ provides an overview of the USB3 Vision standard and its benefits. Additionally, you get information on how a USB 3.0 camera setup should work within a vision system, and what you have to consider when you are switching from previous camera interfaces to USB 3.0.

              When setting up a vision system, the choice of the camera interface is one of the most important ones. Customers, integrators and manufactures must consider different factors to find the optimum between performance, cost and reliability.

              The white paper “Comparison of the Most Common Digital Interface Technologies in Vision Technology” compares the most common digital interfaces in vision technology, and outlines advantages and disadvantages for each.

              You can download more success stories, white papers, and application notes in our document download area.

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