July 25, 2012

              Basler ace GigE Cameras with CMOSIS Sensors - Series Production Start Ahead

              Basler ace GigE cameras with the CMVV2000 and CMV4000 CMOS sensors from CMOSIS will soon go into series production. For quite some time now, we’ve had sufficient amounts of cameras for test purposes in stock. If you’re interested in testing one of these models, please feel free to contact your regional Basler sales partner for assistance.

              The following models are available:
              Like our CMOSIS-based ace Camera Link models acA2000-340km/kc and acA2040-180km/kc, these cameras are particularly notable for their low noise level and very high sensitivity. Their image quality is far better than from cameras with older CMOS sensors and is easily comparable to the image quality of cameras with CCD sensors. These ace series cameras are thus suitable for numerous applications, such as in factory automation, production of semiconductors and electronics, and traffic applications as well as solar-power and medical systems.

              NIR versions – better than CCD sensors

              As we already reported in our June newsletter, this fall we will also offer both monochrome models as NIR-optimized versions: the 2 MP model acA2000-50gm NIR and the 4 MP model acA2040-25gm NIR . In fact, test cameras are already available for evaluation. If you’re interested, please contact your regional sales partner.

              The NIR-optimized cameras deliver excellent images, even at wave lengths over 600 nm. Their NIR sensitivity makes them particularly effective in poor/varying lighting conditions or at night. For instance, they are especially well suited for use in surveillance applications, biometrics and intelligent traffic control systems.

              These NIR versions offer outstanding value for the money. In fact, they even outperform high-end CCD cameras when it comes to image quality and sensitivity. At the same time, they’re much cheaper and faster. In short, you'll benefit in all respects from this camera innovation.

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