October 22, 2014

              Basler ace GigE Cameras Improve Production Process for Grain-Oriented Electrical Steel used in Transformers and Electric Motors

              Surface Scan System with Basler ace GigE Cameras

              Surface Scan System with Basler ace GigE Cameras

              Grain-oriented electrical steel is used in key electrotechnical components such as transformers and electric motors. Electrical steel plates are bundled into packets for use in equipment like transformer cores. Electrical steel is a type of steel specially produced for its magnetic properties, including the size and homogeneity of its magnetic flow, which make it suitable for use in energy applications. Precision production technology and strict quality controls are needed to achieve the desired production quality for this steel.

              In the past, manual quality inspections were performed on grain-oriented electrical steel. There are numerous disadvantages to this method, though, the leading Czech firm Argutec decided to implement a surface scan system for quality assurance. The Basler ace camera was selected to serve as the "eye" of the system.

              The details on Argutec's inspection solution and how Basler ace GigE cameras help it work better is explained in our success story "Improving  Production Processes with a Surface Scan System from Basler ace GigE Cameras."

              The link below will take you directly to the Success Story. You can also find this Success Stories and other interesting documents in our Download Area.

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