June 22, 2015

              Basler ace GigE Cameras are the Eyes of TEAC Multi-functional Data Recorder – New Success Story

              Human memories have only a limited ability to capture and store detailed information, so it becomes difficult to report observations or experiences after some hours or days have passed. To compensate for this, and to enable the storage of data on many channels at the same time, TEAC has developed a multi-functional data recorder to record, store and retrieve the information which is an indispensable ingredient for intellectual activity and analysis.

              TEAC incorporates Basler cameras into its data recorder because these cameras offer the ideal fit for their requirements. The Basler ace series cameras come with a highly cost-optimized design and were selected as the most suitable.

              To find out more about the major challenges in this competitive market and a more detailed description of the data recorder featuring Basler ace cameras, go to our Success Story “Basler ace GigE Cameras are the Eyes of TEAC Highly Functional Data Recorder” in the download area.

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