April 3, 2013

              Basler acA640-100gm/gc Cameras Now Renamed as acA640-120gm/gc - Using ICX618 Sensors and Delivering 120 Frames per Second

              GigE Vision
              The developers at Basler were able to achieve a speed increase of 20% in the new acA640-120gm/gc. Our popular ace models acA640-120gm and acA640-120gc now deliver 120 frames per second instead of the previous 100 frames. The increase in efficiency and speed makes the cameras strong contenders for many applications, such as semiconductor and electronics manufacturing, barcode printing, and scanning.

              Basler’s successful ace camera series currently comes in about 50 models, with GigE, Camera Link, and the new USB 3.0 interface. In addition to the wide range of models and sensors, it offers you a variety of features such as sequencers, color improvement features, and a large internal memory of 56 MB.

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