June 13, 2013

              Are You Familiar With Our Basler News RSS Feed?

              Basler RSS Feed
              Basler News is now also available via RSS feed. Subscribe to the feed and you'll automatically be informed about new announcements. This keeps you permanently in the loop, even if you don't visit our website every day.
              The RSS feed can even be integrated directly into Microsoft Outlook or any other feedreader. All you need is this URL: http://www.baslerweb.com/news/news-cameras-40333.html?output=rss&language=en
              RSS is a format for collating posts on website into one feed that you can design yourself by subscribing to RSS feeds on the topics that interest you. Once configured, you no longer need to visit the different websites individually, but instead you can see any new postings centrally at any time in the feedreader.

                RSS Feed

                Subscribe the Basler News RSS Feed and get the latest news stories directly delivered to you.
                RSS News Feed
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