October 1, 2012

              Analog Goes Digital - Basler ace GigE Cameras With the Popular Sony CCD ICX 414 and ICX 415 Sensors

              Sony ICX 414 and ICX 415 sensors, which have now been available for many years, are still very popular and widely used due to their good performance. Basler’s ace models acA645-100gm/gc and acA780-75gm/gc offer users of analog cameras the perfect opportunity to replace their older analog units with comparably sized (29 x 29 mm footprint) digital cameras that offer significantly higher performance at a similar price.

              In addition, for many applications Basler’s modern ace cameras are ideal for converting older, larger digital cameras with these Sony sensors over to more compact units.

              We are excited to report that a number of such replacement projects have been successfully completed and that the customers are very happy with their new ace cameras!

              Are You Still Using Analog Cameras or Much Larger Digital Ones With These Sensors? Are You Thinking of Upgrading Your Equipment?

              If so, please contact the Basler sales department or your local Basler sales partner to find out more about the options available for your specific application. Just like all other members of the ace family of cameras, models acA645-100gm/gc and acA780-75gm/gc are designed to meet the needs of numerous markets and applications, such as in industrial, robot-guidance and medical systems as well as in the semiconductor/electronics sector.

              Technical Details

              Our acA645-100 models (ICX 414) provide frame rates of 100 frames per second (fps) at VGA resolution. Our acA780-75 models (ICX 415) provide frame rates of 75 fps at CCIR resolution. In addition to delivering outstanding image quality, these cameras come with many special firmware options such as our popular sequencer feature. They are available with a C or CS lens mount. Both models are also available with mono or color capability.

              You can find all the important details and specifications on the product pages for each camera:

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