April 14, 2015

              ace with Sony's IMX174 or IMX249 Sensor – Which Camera is Right for your Application?

              Both the ace models with Sony's IMX174 and Sony's IMX249 offer the latest global shutter technology and outstanding image quality. Nevertheless there are significant differences between the models.

              The ace models with Sony's IMX174 CMOS sensor help you achieve not just excellent image quality, but also high speeds up to 155 fps at a resolution of 2.3 MP.

              The ace models with Sony's IMX249 are especially well suited for applications that do not require high-speed cameras, but which nevertheless need the excellent image quality of the CMOS sensors from Sony's Pregius series. With frame rates of up to 40 fps and 2.3 megapixels resolution, you'll have the right camera for your application at a lower cost.

              An overview of our ace models with Sony's IMX174 CMOS sensor

              An overview of our ace models with Sony's IMX249 CMOS sensor

              You can find an overview of all our ace models here. You can also use the function to filter through the large selection of models based on resolution, frame rate or sensor. Simply click on the header.

              Talk with our Sales Team or your regional Basler distribution partner for more information.

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