January 13, 2011

              A Room with a View – Basler IP Cameras Secure a Class A Office Building in Bucharest

              Office Building Bucharest
              Bucharest's city council is currently transforming Northern Bucharest into one of the city's key areas with high end office developments, shopping centers, and upscale residential buildings. Among the new buildings is a high profile, class A office building offering 26,000 square meters of office space and a restaurant with a capacity of 150 seats. Four basement levels covering an area of 19,000 square meters are used for parking and storage.
              Basler BI P camera model
              The building's management wanted to provide 24 hour security service for their tenants, so they were searching for a suitable video surveillance solution.

              During evaluation of possible camera models, the MEP engineering company needed to decide whether to use an analog or a digital surveillance solution. The decision in favor of digital cameras was quickly made - digital surveillance cameras offer higher resolutions and image quality, and they are equipped with a wide range of features.
              Basler IP Cameras include multiple functionalities, but they are still easy to use. Due to their small size and the fact that all Basler cameras are developed and manufactured as high quality products in Germany, the MEP engineering company chose Basler BIP-640c and BIP-640c-dn IP Cameras for surveillance of the office building.

              All Basler IP Cameras provide motion detection and alarm buffering features, which were among the main requirements for the building project. This means, for example, that if a camera detects a person in the building during the night, an alarm can be issued via email, FTP, HTTP, software, or an electrical output signal. An alarm buffer can be set up so that images are captured and stored for both a few seconds before and a few seconds after an alarm event is detected. An operator can play back the buffer and easily see what triggered an alarm event. That way, a potential crime can be stopped instead of just being captured by a camera.

              For surveillance of sensitive areas during the night, the MEP engineering company decided to use Basler BIP-640c-dn IP Cameras that provide additional day/night functionality. Basler day/night IP Cameras use an automatically retractable IR-cut filter that is placed in front of the sensor in day mode and removed in night mode. With the filter in front of the sensor, the camera can accurately represent colors using the visible light available during the daytime. When the filter is retracted at night, the camera can produce high quality black and white images when there is only infrared light available.

              In the office building, the video streams from the Basler IP Cameras are handled by Alnet video management software and transmitted to two servers where they are stored for a period of 30 days.
              With the security solution installed, the new building offers not only high quality office space with a bright and spacious ambiance but also a secure environment for tenants and their employees.

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