June 16, 2014

              A Quick and Keen Eye for Cell Research thanks to SynenTec and Basler ace GigE Cameras

              fully automated cell analysis
              Research is crucial when it comes to understanding processes at the cellular level or the mechanisms behind illnesses. In research and medicine, the microscope is used primarily for the evaluation of human tissue.

              SynenTec GmbH develops and produces imaging microscopy equipment for fully automated cell analysis. The company's NyONE device is used for cell research and profiling.

              The NyONE helps researchers achieve a detailed look into the interior of cells, and is capable of resolving every detail within the cell. The NyONE helps make clear the processes within the cell, maps its tracks digitally and converts them into comprehensible data. Image processing and digital cameras are irreplaceable tools in this endeavor. The NyONE features a Basler ace GigE camera that handles the important task of capturing microscopic images of the biological specimen.
              More precise details on how the device works and where the cameras are used can be found in our Success Story.

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