August 22, 2014

              A Colorful Life with Basler racer GigE Cameras

              Quality control of powders with Basler racer
              What would life be without color? Color makes our lives brighter. Powders are key components in many paints and other coatings. These powders are produced through a milling process. For manufacturers and consumers of coatings, it's crucial that the coating components be distributed evenly across the finished surface, without flaws or clumping.

              Boulder Imaging, an American company, has developed a fully automated system for quality control of powders. It provides repeatable milling analysis that can be called up at any time. The analysis is performed without human intervention to ensure objectivity. The results provided by the inspection system are stored together with the raw image data. Boulder Imaging has selected our Basler racer series to handle image capture for its system. Alongside the compact dimensions of the camera and its industrial design, the outstanding image quality in a variety of different resolutions and the availability of GigE and Camera Link interfaces were major factors in the decision.

              To learn more, please see our Success Story "Grind Analysis with Basler racer GigE Cameras – Automated Particle Measurement for Accurate Quality Control".

              The link below jumps directly to the story. Many additional interesting applications can be found in our download area.

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