October 18, 2013

              Привет, Россия! – Visit our new Russian-language website at www.baslerweb.ru!

              Basler russian website
              Since early October 2013, our customers in the Russian Federation have been enjoying the courtesy of being addressed in their own language. The modern, user-friendly interface of our website delivers a quick overview of product innovations in the area of digital industrial and network cameras and the use of current technologies.

              The website is notable for the various functions and helpful tools it offers, including an Interface Advisor and a Camera Selector to support you with the selection of the suitable camera interface and the corresponding camera models. 

              Lars Brinkmann, Area Sales Manager at Basler AG, was pleased with the effort: "I'm excited about the fact that we'll be giving our customers enhanced access to our valuable content by providing it in their own national language. This is an additional milestone on our course to address vertical markets and boost our success over the long term in this national market."

              Russian is considered a young, dynamic market for the field of machine vision. There is growing demand for greater production capacity, including an update to the available lines. It also represents an attractive growth market for infrastructure applications. These are areas in which industrial and network cameras are playing an increasingly important role. We are seeking to use our products and know-how to help drive growth on the market. For years we've worked with Victor Egorov as our local sales engineer, as well as St. Petersburg-based distributor Vitec. The strength of the market is now reflected in the attention to Basler's Russian web presence. We already enjoy strong — and still rising — page hits from visitors from the Russian Federation. By eliminating any potential language barrier, we hope to promote this positive trend.

              Our website is currently available in German, English and Russian (www.baslerweb.ru). More language versions are planned by year's end. You can look forward to it!

              We'd love to hear your feedback on the Russian website. Feel free to write your email in Russian! 

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