A growing number of cameras are being used to assist police investigations by providing images for in-vehicle applications. This includes recording of license plates from passing vehicles, detected using LPR algorithms and compared against a database of criminal activity associated with those license plates.
Outfitted with a convenient USB 3.0 interface and tripod threads, cameras like the Basler pulse are easily connected to existing computers in police vehicles. LPR software already available freely on the market adds up to a highly cost-efficient after-market solution. If parallel video recording is required, then the IP camera line offers an attractive alternative. For a highly integrated in-vehicle solution (such as within police light bars), the Basler dart (a board-level cameras) is an optimal choice.

Camera series suitable for use in in-vehicle applications

Basler pulse for in-vehicle applications
Basler pulse: Compact, small and light
  • Simple integration within the vehicle
  • Suitable for after-market installation
  • Low CPU load
  • Extraordinary price/performance ratio
Basler dart for in-vehicle applications
Basler dart: Small, Flexible and 100% Compliant with USB3 Vision
  • Small housing for highly integrated solutions
  • 3 variants S-mount, CS-mount and bare-board
  • Low CPU load thanks to USB3 Vision
  • Outstanding price/performance ratio
Basler IP camera for In-Vehicle applications
Basler IP cameras: Full HD resolution and Sony IMX174 sensor
  • Multi-streaming (MJPEG/MPEG-4/H.264)
  • Real-time trigger for parallel capture of individual still images (MJPEG/YUV) and videos
  • Global shutter
  • Strong sensitivity
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An overview of our Basler cameras for In-Vehicle applications can be found here.

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