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Small, high-performance cameras with unmatched ease of use

The latest technology for dentistry relies on cameras with high speed, optimal resolution and sensitivity. Along with miniaturized design and outstanding performance for the price, Basler cameras meet the requirements for integration perfectly and enable precise digital impressions for representation of the tooth morphology, of the upper and lower jaw and the bite in a minimum of time.

Small, high-performance cameras are already used today in typical equipment such as intraoral scanners and model and impression scanners.

Suitable cameras

Basler dart for Dentistry
Basler dart: Small board-level camera for space-saving integration
  • Bare board: Only 27 x 27 mm and a mere 5 g
  • S- and CS-Mount: only 29 x 29 mm and 15 g
  • Popular Aptina CMOS sensors with resolutions up to 5 MP and 60 fps
  • Outstanding value, with entry level prices starting at €99
Basler pulse for Dentistry
Basler pulse: Lightweight, attractive design
  • Small design with an elegant metal housing
  • Single cable solution with USB3 Vision technology
  • Low power consumption (just 1.3 W)
  • Global shutter and rolling shutter options with frame rates up to 60 fps
Basler ace for Dentistry
Basler ace: Speed and maximum flexibility
Get to know the Basler ace camera series!
We'll work with you to find a suitable Basler camera for your dentistry application. Do you have questions? We would be pleased to assist you.

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