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No trainer, referee, or spectator can see with the speed and detailed precision of a high quality digital camera. This makes digital cameras indispensable in the field of sports and motion analysis. Soccer stadiums, for example, are typically equipped with high speed cameras that allow spectators to see slow motion replays of important game situations that are accurate in every detail. In the field of motion analysis, cameras are widely used to provide runners, gymnasts, golfers and other athletes with an exact analysis of their movements to help optimize their performance. In addition, they support physical and occupational therapists with their work.

The right camera series for use in the areas of sports and motion

Basler ace for sports and motion
Basler ace: Compact and flexible
  • VGA to 14 MP
  • Up to 750 fps
  • Broad sensor portfolio: CMOS and CCD including NIR-enhanced versions
  • One-cable solutions: Gigabit Ethernet with PoE, Camera Link with PoCL, USB 3.0
  • Highest stability and flexibility thanks to USB3 Vision, GigE Vision and Camera Link standards
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Basler aviator for sports and motion
Basler aviator: Extraordinary image quality even with high frame rates
  • Resolutions of 1, 2 (4:3 and HDTV), and 4 MP
  • Max. capture rate of 120 fps
  • Standardized GigE and Camera Link interface
  • Excellent linearity, high dynamic range, and low noise level

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Basler pilot for sports and motion
Basler pilot: Robust housing for easy integration
  • Max. capture rate of 210 fps
  • Standardized GigE interface
  • Outstanding image quality

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Basler scout for sports and motion
Basler scout: Various models, variously applied
  • Wide selection of scout models
  • Max. capture rate of 120 fps
  • Standardized GigE and FireWire-b interface

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