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Video surveillance has been used in various industries for many years. Thanks to the use of surveillance cameras in banks and financial institutions, the number of bank robberies has significantly decreased. When they do happen, however, the chances of solving them are considerably higher than they used to be. This development is due in large measure to the widespread installation of surveillance cameras.

Video surveillance in casinos has always been a great challenge. On the technical side, the lighting conditions require very sensitive cameras to capture high quality images. The large number of cameras needed often demands complex hardware and extensive storage space for acquired image data. In addition, the gaming commissions in many countries have strict guidelines. These challenges can be successfully met by using the technology present on modern network cameras.

In these times of globalization, goods are transported around the world. To protect them from loss or theft on their way from the manufacturer to the consumer, surveillance cameras have become a fixture in logistics and transportation systems. And network cameras are increasingly used for process control, for example, in automatic distribution centers and packing systems.

The right camera series for use in the areas of security and surveillance

Basler ip-camera for security and surveillance
Basler IP cameras: Robust housing and easy installation
  • High resolutions to monitor large areas and the identification of individuals
  • Highly efficient compression algorithms, e.g., H.264 High Profile
  • Reduced storage space requirements to facilitate the use of simple hardware

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