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Basler cameras are used in many areas of factory automation, medical & life sciences, retail, traffic & transportation, and many other applications. In sports they support the recording and ability to analyze the video footage by using high resolution images that are able to capture the entire event including all details.
In casinos, cameras with high resolutions and fast speeds assist in uncovering cheating and safeguard the enormous amounts of money. Using real-time video data, attempts at fraud can be discovered early.
A further area of application is found in logistics. Basler cameras ensure, for example, that goods are protected from damages, loss, and theft.

With our broad portfolio of industrial and network cameras, we offer the right camera for whatever the application.
Sports & Motion
Digital cameras are used in various ways in the areas of sports and motion. They enable the precise analysis of motion processes and play situations.

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Security and Surveillance on the airport
Security & Surveillance
Network cameras from Basler are particularly used in the banking sector, in casino monitoring, and in logistics.

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Industrial and network cameras are used for a variety of logistics applications. Among other benefits, digital image processing helps with shipping and allows automated systems to deliver goods more quickly, safely and efficiently.

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Digital cameras are primarily used in the agricultural field for crop farming, stock breeding and crop inspections.

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