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New Technologies for Automobile Manufacturing

Nowadays modern image processing systems are used in all aspects of quality control and process control. These control and inspection systems have come to be used not just by car makers, but also by their suppliers and automotive workshops. Digital cameras are used for example directly on the suppliers' lines to inspect O rings for use in ABS systems. And in workshops, systems for optical axis measurement are a major labor saver.

Basler cameras are extraordinarily well-suited for applications found in the automotive industry. Among their features:
  • High image quality
  • High speeds
  • High reliability
  • Small design
  • Shock resistance

Typical areas of use and suitable cameras

Control Technology, Robot Control and Positioning (Robot Guidance)

The areas of use of cameras in control technology, robot control and positioning (Robot Guidance) include, for example, welded seams, clearance, and quality control, assembly tasks, and identification as well as orientation.
Basler ace
Basler ace: Especially small, low priced, high performance
  • I/O connector minimizes latency and jitter times for top precision
  • Extensive firmware features for smart applications
  • Flexibility in cabling thanks to 100 m cable length with GigE
Basler beat
Basler beat: Brilliant CMOS Image Quality and Proven Design
  • High resolution 12 MP sensor
  • Over 62 fps
  • Compact and robust housing for simple integration
  • Highly attractive price/performance ratio
  • High bandwidth connections using Camera Link for maximum image capture speed
Basler dart
Basler dart: Small, Flexible and 100% USB3 Vision Compliant
  • Outstanding price/performance ratio, starting at 99 euros
  • Global shutter sensor for better identification of moving images
  • Extra-low power consumption and low heat generation
Basler pilot
Basler pilot: Excellent image quality, slim design, easily integrated
  • Resolutions of up to 5 MP, max. 210 fps
  • Standardized GigE interface
  • Outstanding image quality
  • Small, stable housing for easy integration
Basler scout
Basler scout: 50 models, proven worldwide, versatile
  • Resolutions of up to 2 MP
  • Max. frame rate of 120 fps
  • Standardized GigE and FireWire-b interface
  • Small, stable housing for easy integration

Code Recognition

The areas of use of cameras with code identification include the recognition of a wide variety of types of codes, for example, data matrix codes, but also color codes and plain text (OCR/OCV optical character recognition or verification), especially on metal surfaces.
Basler ace
Basler ace: Especially small, low priced, high performance
  • AOI can adjust capture area to code size.
  • Setting an AOI increases the frame rate.
  • Extensive firmware features for smart applications
Basler dart
Basler dart Series: Small, Flexible and 100% Compliant with USB3 Vision
  • Outstanding price/performance ratio, starting at 99 euros
  • From 1.2 to 5 MP
  • Up to 60 fps for fast moving parts
  • To achieve an increased camera speed, AOI can be adjusted to the code size

Get to know the Basler dart camera series!

Success Stories

Our success stories show you examples of where Basler cameras have been successfully integrated.
Measuring security critical components in the automobile industry.
Quality assurance in airbags with the Basler scout. This success story is only available in English.
Download the success story here.
Baser camera in test tools for head lights
Production and testing machines for the automatic alignment of car head lights.
Download the success story here.

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