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Sandra Dekarz
Sandra Dekarz
Product Manager, Basler AG

"I like working at Basler because great care is taken to ensure that my strengths and my work are a good match. At Basler, huge confidence is placed in each and every employee that they will do their very best work. This is incredibly motivating and helps new employees quickly find their feet."

Claudius Kramp
Claudius Kramp
Senior Software Developer, Basler AG

"At Basler I have the freedom to find and implement my own role. My manager supports me fully in that. Everyone is ready to listen. Independence and self-organization are required here – but this allows talent to be recognized and promoted."
Jamie Abercombie
Jamie Abercrombie
Key Account Manager, Basler, Inc.

“My first year at Basler has surpassed all my expectations. I’ve been fortunate to travel to Ahrensburg, Germany, on multiple occasions this year and work closely with a number of colleagues across our organization. Those experiences have been very beneficial in my development and I look forward to the years to come!”
Carol Wong
Carol Wong
Marketing Manager, Basler Asia

“I have worked at Basler for 13 years and have been very fortunate to have a lot of different positions within the company. Basler is an enjoyable place to be for so many reasons: I get to know lots of friends around the world, I learn to understand the different countries’ cultures, I face continuous challenges and achieve my personal development goals.“

Kelvin Tan
Kelvin Tan
Account Manager, Basler Asia

“You can feel positive synergy and strong teamwork within the organization. The company also has a good work-life balance culture which appreciates the employees.”

Tan Wee Kiat
Tan Wee Kiat
Sales Operations Manager, Basler Asia

“I like Basler because we’ve a work culture which embraces fun and professionalism.”

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