Basler ace acA2000-340kmNIR Area Scan Camera

Basler acA2000-340kmNIR Camera Link 相机配有 CMOSIS CMV2000 CMOS 感光芯片(近红外增强),每秒 340 帧图像,200 万像素分辨率。

水平/垂直分辨率 2048 像素 x 1088 像素
水平/垂直像素尺寸 5.5 µm x 5.5 µm
帧速率 340 fps
黑白/彩色 黑白
接口 Camera Link
像素位深 8, 10, 12 bits
Camera Link时钟 32.5 / 48 / 65 / 82 MHz
  • trigger width or timed
  • external trigger
  • software
  • free-run
设计 box
量子效率(典型) 63,86 % (at 545 nm)
暗噪声(典型) 14,2 e¯
饱和容量(典型) 11,8 ke¯
动态范围(典型) 58,4 dB
信噪比 40,7 dB
外壳尺寸(L x W x H)(毫米) 43.5 x 29.0 x 29.0
外壳温度 0 °C - 50 °C
  • C-mount
通用I/O 1
电源要求 PoCL or 12 VDC
功率(典型) 3.0 W
重量(典型) 96 g
  • CE
  • RoHS
  • GenICam
  • IP30
  • FCC
  • Camera Link
感光芯片供应商 CMOSIS
感光芯片 CMV2000 NIR-enhanced
快门 global shutter
靶面尺寸 2/3 inch
感光芯片类型 CMOS
感光芯片尺寸(mm) 11.26 mm x 5.98 mm
项目编号 106332
Physical Interface and I / O Control
  • Debouncer
Image Acquisition Control
  • Trigger Delay
  • Acquisition Status
Standard Features
  • Region of Interest
  • Binning Horizontal
  • Binning Vertical
  • Decimation Vertical
  • Reverse X (Horizontal Mirroring)
  • Reverse Y (Vertical Mirroring)
  • AutoFunctionProfile
  • Lookup Table
  • Test Images
  • Sequencer
  • Adjustable Gain All
  • Adjustable Black Level All
  • RemoveParameterLimits
  • Device Information Parameters
  • UserDefinedValue
  • Configuration Sets
Color Creation and Enhancement
  • Manual White Balance
  • Color Transformation
Chunks and Event Reporting
  • Sequence Set Index
  • Exposure Time
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At the "Downloads"-Tab you can download the Basler pylon Camera Software Suite for free. The pylon Software Suite operates with all of our GigE, IEEE 1394 and USB 3.0 cameras and most of our Camera Link cameras. It offers reliable and flexible image data exchange between your Basler cameras and the PC, at a low CPU load. Please find more information on pylon on
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We list several manufacturers offering compatible products such as software or frame grabbers under the following link.


Lens Computar M0814-MP2 F1.4 f8mm 2/3"
Lens Computar M1214-MP2 F1.4 f12mm 2/3"
Lens Computar M1614-MP2 F1.4 f16mm 2/3"
Lens Computar M2514-MP2 F1.4 f25mm 2/3"
Lens Computar M3514-MP F1.4 f35mm 2/3"
Lens Computar M5018-MP2 F1.8 f50mm 2/3"
Lens Computar M7528-MP F2.8 f75mm 2/3"
Lens Ricoh FL-CC0614A-2M F1.4 f6mm 2/3"
Lens Ricoh FL-CC0814A-2M F1.4 f8mm 2/3"
Lens Ricoh FL-CC1214A-2M F1.4 f12mm 2/3"
Lens Ricoh FL-CC1614-2M F1.4 f16mm 2/3"
Lens Ricoh FL-CC2514-2M F1.4 f25mm 2/3"
Lens Ricoh FL-CC3516-2M F1.6 f35mm 2/3"
Lens Ricoh FL-CC5028-2M F2.8 f50mm 2/3"
Lens Edmund Optics CFFL F1.3 f8.5mm 2/3"
Lens Edmund Optics CFFL F1.8 f12mm 2/3"
Lens Edmund Optics CFFL F1.4 f16mm 2/3"
Lens Edmund Optics CFFL F1.4 f25mm 2/3"
Lens Edmund Optics CFFL F1.7 f35mm 2/3"
Lens Edmund Optics CFFL F2.0 f50mm 2/3"
Lens Kowa LM6HC F1.8 f6mm 1"
Lens Kowa LM8HC F1.4 f8mm 1"
Lens Kowa LM12HC F1.4 f12.5mm 1"
Lens Kowa LM16HC F1.4 f16mm 1"
Lens Kowa LM25HC F1.4 f25mm 1"
Lens Kowa LM35HC F1.4 f35mm 1"
Lens Kowa LM50HC F1.4 f50mm 1"
Lens Kowa LM75HC F1.8 f75mm 1"


Power-I/O Cable M5 4p/open, 10 m
Power Supply 12V/2A, M5 4p


Cable PoCL Camera Link SDR/MDR Full, 3 m
Cable PoCL Camera Link SDR/MDR Full, 5 m
Cable PoCL Camera Link SDR/MDR Full, 10 m
Cable PoCL Camera Link SDR/SDR Full, 3 m
Cable PoCL Camera Link SDR/SDR Full, 5 m
Cable PoCL Camera Link SDR/SDR Full, 10 m


Housing TransPac TPH 4000, IP67, 90-240V
Housing TransPac TPH 4000, IP67, 24 V


Spacer ring 0.1 mm, C-mount
Spacer ring 0.2 mm, C-mount
Spacer ring 0.25 mm, C-mount, brass
Spacer ring 0.5 mm, C-mount
Spacer ring 1 mm, C-mount


Tripod Mount ace
Camera Bracket: 360 / 90