Racing the cameras

Late one night “Sebastian Vettel” is racing along an innocent country road crosses a traffic light and suddenly is framed by a Basler Camera.

taking pictures of cars in traffic systems

Or we had to find a use for the Basler Carrera track. Justify the investment in time and resources and all that. It’s a modelling of a system for taking pictures of cars in traffic systems. One of the uses of our cameras from our customers. People in our systems department try and ensure we understand our customers view point in order to produce the best quality for his domain specific case. The Carrera track was built by our “dual-enrollment” student (Sebastian K.).

The system is not as easy as it may at first appear. As the car approaches the lights it triggers a light switch. This sends an input signal to our camera (in this case a 2MP ace GigE, acA2000-50gm). The signal triggers our sequencer software function which tries out rapidly various predefined parameterizations (15 in all) quickly one after the other. The pictures are all directly sent to the computer and read out using pylon. And of course posted in the blog is the best one!

As you can see the licence plate is clearly readable and “Vettel” will lose his license. Justice is served.


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