Sausage Analysis Software (SAS)Exciting news: at Basler we are exploring new opportunities in the Point-of-Sale markets (POS). In our large network of friendly partner companies we get a lot of chances to work on special camera projects. We don’t produce any “end-systems” but often produce special cameras for special markets. There is one very exciting project here just entering its production phase. It is a joint venture with a leading german “lebensmittel” producer. The camera has been nicknamed here “das Würstli” and is used for food inspection. I like the name because it’s got an umlaut in it – and umlauts are cool (ask Mövenpick).

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What kind of party is a Plug Fest

plugfest220x220pxDuring the design of a camera a lot of work is going in the area of interoperability, because the final product has to work and interoperate perfectly in our customer’s installations.

But how is it possible to develop a product that works in numerous different use cases?
The key is standardization.

During the last years the machine vision industry and their trade organizations have developed a number of standards, that ease the integration of cameras in a multitude of environments, be it protocols, software or hardware (like cables and hosts).
Those standards define the interfaces of a camera and the interaction of the environment with the camera.

But how can you capture the differences of “real world” environments that a standardized interface has to handle and write them down right in the first place?

Simple and sad answer: You can’t. And this is where Plug Fests come into play.
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